About Us

We provide immediate IT solutions to clients around the world,
developing and implementing a value added service that is unparalleled in the industry.

CrownTech seeks to be better than every other IT Service provider in the way we put the customer first. Yes, we are experts and have a wide array of competencies by virtue of being the trusted technology partners for our customers. And, yes, we function like a much bigger team because we are willing to work around the clock when necessary. But what really sets us apart is the trust we earn from our customers because we work with excellence, honor our commitments and charge fairly and transparently for value provided.

We currently have a team of 6 engineers and technicians with deep expertise in pretty much anything the entrepreneurial business requires, as well as a fair amount of experience with enterprise IT. Our reputation, however, is built upon our tireless service attitude and fair business practices that have earned us word-of-mouth business during our entire 16 years.

We have supported entities from small business to non-profits to Fortune 500 to government. Our clients are in Commercial Real Estate, Professional Services, Healthcare, Retail, Engineering, Technology, Non-Profit, to name just a few industries. Our smallest clients have just a handful of users; our largest over 100. We’ve been serving many of the same clients for more than 10 years and handle all their day-to-day technology needs. For other clients we supplement their internal IT staff or do project-based ad-hoc work.

CrownTech is Not Your Average IT Service Provider
1 hour or Less
Time to Respond
99 %
Positive feedback
Trip, Emergency and after-hours fees charged
99999999999 PRICELESS
Being your trusted partner