customer's entrust all of their technical needs to CrownTech
Crowntech IT Services

Audio/Video Services Include:

  • Commercial and Residential
    • Low-Voltage Certified
    • All wiring and termination guaranteed
  • Command and Control Centers
    • Projectors and large displays
    • Custom mounting and arrangement of multiple displays
    • Custom audio/video servers with 100% Windows control
    • Complete wireless control
  • Classrooms and Training Centers
    • Projectors and multi-channel audio
    • Ceiling-recessed projector screens
  • Mobile Presentation Packages
    • Lightweight and ultra-portable projectors and screens
    • Wireless video from laptop
  • Home or Office Theater
    • Home-theater 1080p projector systems
    • Multi-channel (to 9.2) custom surround sound
    • Digital video/music libraries
    • Custom audio/video servers with 100% Windows control
  • Home, Office or Restaurant/Retail Audio/Video
    • Multi-zoned audio
    • Custom audio/video servers with 100% Windows control
    • Control from anywhere locally or over Internet 

“Besides their amazing ethics, what became the greatest asset for us was their ability to troubleshoot and solve problems many times remotely. With CrownTech most of our time sensitive issues are corrected immediately no matter the time or the city I happened to be in."

Dr. Jorge Valdes

ServiceMaster Total Clean

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